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Application Migration to Cloud Services

Initial Situation

As part of a ‘cloud first strategy’, an international company is planning to migrate its existing applications to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

For this purpose, applications will be migrated directly, non-cloud-capable applications replaced or newly developed.

At the start of the project, 140 productive applications were identified. The challenge, however, is that dependencies in terms of communication, volume and usage are not currently or transparently documented or even available.

KnowledgeRiver Services

Build an enterprise-wide IT data lake to collect IT usage information (application, department, responsibilities) and interoperability between IT resources using KnowledgeRiver’s Data Control Platform DC360Ocean. With this information base, KnowledgeRiver creates topology models and usage overviews and identifies dependencies.

As part of our services, we work with the customer to define the IT resources in scope and concepts for capturing operational data. Where available, we use existing monitoring and system management solutions. It does not matter whether these are provided by the company IT, the IT of the departments or by external service providers (hosting, SaaS, cloud, …).
In addition, we develop processes to capture organizational structures and responsibilities for individual IT services in a standardized form for automated presentation.

On the basis of DC360Ocean, we are able to use this information to display current topologies, dependencies and the use of IT Services. This transparency makes it possible to identify any weaknesses in a targeted manner, to advise business units and to better assess the impact of future investments.

Added Value for the Customer

  • The number of applications (VMs) could be reduced from 140 to 90.
  • Dependency relationships help with migration planning / resource planning in the cloud.
  • Continuous progress monitoring during the migration phase (planned 12 months).
  • Reduction of planned cloud resources by 30%.
  • Enterprise IT overview for planning and implementing new IT based business processes, such as new sales tool with video based support.

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