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Control your IT Usage


Which technologies and capacities are needed for the implementation of a virtual sales tool?

Our service

Based on the information collected by our Data Control Platform, we jointly develop a target structure, taking into account performance, efficiency and operating expenses. For this purpose we evaluate service offerings as well as technologies.
We are happy to accompany the project during its realization.

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Increase your IT Services Quality


Due to a company takeover, IT systems have to be consolidated and new users have to be integrated.

Our Service

With the IT services information we collect, we can directly estimate how many users can be integrated or which enhancements are necessary.

On request, we support you in implementing the necessary adjustments and check the results.

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Understand your IT Costs


As part of a cloud strategy a company needs assistance to decide which IT services can be optimized through cloud usage.

Our Service

With our methodology we continuously collect your IT services data regarding IT usage, compliance/legal requirements (for applications & data).
Based on your requirements and IT service options we develop migration concepts for the IT services.

Upon request, we assist with the migration. If required, we support the implementation.

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Optimize your IT Investments


Sales representatives regularly report critical application issues.

Our Service

We analyze your IT services, identify dependencies on infrastructure and application layers. Based on this, we create optimization concepts with concrete instructions for action.

If required, we provide support during implementation.

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Live your IT Strategy


A real estate asset management company wants to offer virtual tour of buildings.

Our Service

We evaluate with you the necessary IT capacities, technologies and costs (including operation) for a cost/benefit analysis.

We are happy to accompany the project during its realization.

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