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Use the powerful toolset DC360Manatee and simplify and optimize your digitalization projects as well as your IT operations.

Are your digital business processes really running smoothly?

Many problems are difficult to analyze if the detailed insight and complete overview on your IT is missing. DC360Manatee documents, analyzes and visualizes the complete configuration of your IT environment. This results in structured overviews that show the significant interrelationships. In other words, the basis for making well-founded decisions for your IT operations.

We at KnowledgeRiver are also happy to support you with our many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in your digitization projects.

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Benefits & Added Value

What is inside DC360Manatee?


We establish one knowledge platform continuously adapting to technology changes. Enabling assessments, analysis, planning and execution of your digitalization strategy.


Our DC360 methodology is fully vendor agnostic & cross-vendor and provides therefore a second opinion. Providing consolidated and consistent view on your IT environment for transparency and efficiency.


Our Services are provided on-demand and according to purpose. Tailoring Project and Professional Services for your IT and business demands.


Our powerful toolset DC360Ocean automates IT tasks. Reducing manual interventions and supporting your IT business decisions based on verifiable facts.

Sven Bittlingmayer


Digitization projects need a sound basis for planning and implementation. We help here with all our knowledge and technology.


Do you have further Questions?

1. personal meeting with you to validate the possibilities, the digitization strategy and the existing challenges.
2. creation of a development plan followed by a detailed discussion.
3. after commissioning, first implementation of the DC360Manatee toolset.
4. subsequent detailed planning and implementation of further steps according to the individual needs at the respective time.

Our team of highly experienced international specialists is ready to assist you in word and deed. We cover a wide range in the areas of IT Business and IT Technology: Strategy Consulting, Project Planning and Implementation, IT Environment Analysis, Professional Services.

The costs are individually based on your requirements and the size of your IT environment. The factors can be: license costs for the DC360Manatee toolset, fixed project costs and effort-driven professional services costs.
However, we always keep an eye on the cost-benefit aspect here.

About Us


KnowledgeRiver GmbH, based in Mainz/Germany, specializes in automated documentation, analysis and visualization of IT environments. Our main concern is to increase the resilience of IT services and to generate detailed overviews and well-structured information that simplify, optimize and make IT operations more secure.
KnowledgeRiver’s toolset DC360Manatee, coupled with decades of experience of data center experts, stands for stable IT processes for companies of all sizes and industries. Of course, this applies to both on-premises and cloud-based IT infrastructures. Digitization projects are planned and implemented individually in close coordination with you as the customer.

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Founder

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Head of Sales

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