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Inventory Compilation Requirements & Documentation Obligations

Service Number: SV136

Your Benefits

  • Need to establish a new CMDB (Configuration Management Database) or to fill an existing CMDB.
  • Need to prepare for internal/external audits, pen tests and certifications.
  • Need to create a basis for the planning of digital transformation.


  • Automated data collection with DC360Octopus in place >  learn more.
  • Management system DC360Manatee in place >  learn more.


  • Fully automated actual compilation provided by supporting software products.
  • Cross-vendor & vendor-independent (second opinion)
  • Service on-demand (pay what is used)
  • Include entire environment or just parts of it, e.g. by system/resource, by resource class or by IT Service


  • Setup/deployment of new CMDB respectively configuration of existing CMDB
  • Interface generation to CMDB
  • Automated compilation of relevant data (can be defined by customer) and filling of CMDB
  • Automated IT Services, IT Infrastructure, work flows and network connections documentation (as description and graphically).
  • PDF and/or database presentation.

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