Enterprise IT Resilience Optimization

Interoperability Simulation

Keep IT Infrastructure up-to-date

Service Number: SV127

Your Benefits

  • Keep a ‘supported configuration’.
  • Figure out dependencies when upgrading specific component of your environment.


  • Automated data collection with DC360Octopus in place >  learn more.
  • Management system DC360Manatee in place >  learn more.


  • Simulation includes especially cross-resource configurations checks.
  • Fully automated target-actual comparison.
    Actual: collected HW / SW configuration data, log data and monitoring / performance data
    Target: documentations – like handbooks, configuration and best practices guidelines, white papers, release notes, interoperability specifications, … –, and expert experience
  • Cross-vendor & vendor-independent (second opinion).
  • Service on-demand (pay what is used).
  • Include entire environment or just parts of it, e.g. by system/resource, by resource class or by IT Service.


  • Detailed report which lists all necessary upgrades and the order to perform them.
  • Report is discussed personally which includes therefore a basic skill transfer.
  • If desired, generation of change implementation plan.

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